Monday, April 27, 2009

Beets Me

I sowed my bulls blood beet seeds around the perimeter of one of my veggie beds. I figured the red leaves would be a nice edging flourish. I hadn't quite realized that since beets grow underground that they'd be too close to the wall of the bed and turn out all busted. Oh well, too late now. Who needs a round beet anyway?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Accelerated Growth

I'm blown away by how fast the seeds I sowed directly in the beds this Sunday have begun sprouting! The pak choy were first, followed by the rapini and Italian basil. Then last night my bulls blood beets and sugar peas peeked up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


At long last, we set up our four raised veggie beds over the weekend, dirt and plantlings and seeds included. Mr. Octopus was definitely the MVP because he shoveled the big heap of potting soil on our driveway into the wheelbarrow and dumped them into the beds. It was all waaaaaay more work than we bargained for, and the record heat wave over the weekend only made it worse. We both have authentic farmers' tans to prove it.

Still, what a ginormous relief it is to have it all set up. I will post pictures soon, but take my word for it-- the veggie beds rock! What really makes them work are the bamboo teepees for the beans, peas and melons. They provide a vertical interest that really makes the beds pop.

Aside from transplanting all the tomatoes, brocolli, marigolds, and other suches into the beds, I directly sowed new seeds for beets, pak choi, asparagus, basil, rapini, zucchini and nasturtiums. After only three days, the pak choi and rapini have already sprouted. Yay, science!