Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Oldest Guy

I watched some U.S. Open tennis on USA tonight. James Blake was playing some guy named Fabrice Santoro. I thought I heard McEnroe say that Santoro was 35, but I figured I'd misheard. Sure, he moved more slowly and didn't have the big guns, but I couldn't believe he was that old. I looked him up just now and yup, he's 35. In the end, he lost to Blake in five sets, but that's okay. Yay for one of the oldest guys on the tour.


junebee said...

I know, when Sampras and Agassi were playing in their 30's I thought wow, they're geezers by sports standards.

Blake lost to Haas later on today. (Sorry if I spoiled it for you!)

Anonymous said...

that was a great match.


Kris said...

poor Rafa.

chanchow said...

yea, poor rafa... i don't mind ferrer so much though, so good for him.

i don't like andy roddick, so i'm looking forward to federer picking him apart tonight.

Kris said...

agreed. roddick's got a fratty vibe i don't care for.