Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New Hillary?

I hit my saturation point on the Democratic race a few weeks ago. I couldn't take it anymore and tuned out. Until last night. I caught some of the debate and it was pretty lame, no surprise. The most interesting thing was Hillary's new face. Is it just me or has she gotten work done? Her eyes looked bigger, deeper set. Her forehead didn't wrinkle, even when she got worked up.

This bummed me out. Movie stars and news anchors, ok. Part of their job is to look good. But politicians? I suppose it's too risky for high profile female politicians to age naturally. I'm pretty sure Nancy Pelosi has had something done. Meanwhile, McCain and other old fogies can get ghostly pale and saggy and no one cares.

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MK said...


Sorry, but who cares about Hillary's face? What about the fact that the debate was moderated by an ex campaigner and White House press secretary of her husband's who kept throwing her softballs while constantly trying to smear Obama through guilt-by-association, whenever Obama tried getting back to substance and policy? What a farce.