Saturday, August 2, 2008

Young Swim Instructors

I started taking swimming lessons a few weeks ago. I do know how to swim (I feel compelled to tell you that), but I hardly ever swim except when I'm on vacation. So I signed up at Pasadena City College.

My swim instructors are college students, back home in Pasadena for the summer. I've been improving on all my strokes. I've even learned the butterfly, a real thrill. I love swimming. It's now my favorite part of the week.

Class will be over soon and I'm thinking about joining the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center to keep it up. I stopped by last weekend to check out the facilities. Two very clean, very nice Olympic size pools. I asked my teacher what she thought of the Rose Bowl. Here's our exchange:

Me: I took a look at the Rose Bowl and it looks really nice.

Her: Yea, it's great. I lifeguard there. They maintain it really well. It was built for like the '94 LA Summer Olympics.

Me: You mean '84.

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JEM said...

You should totally do it -- join the aquatics thing, I mean. I'm doing the same thing lately. Started taking swim classes. They have a great program here through the Y called Indy SwimFit. I have a class tonight. I'm in the Get Wet II program (isn't it a cute name?). Goal is to be able to do a triathalon next year!