Saturday, June 6, 2009

If You Need to Learn Patience, Grow Vegetables

Back from my Saturday swim at the Rose Bowl. Eating a salad. Making chili for dinner. Mr. Octopus watching Mad Max.

Swimming has become harder for me over the last year. I tire easily. I used to take 5 strokes per breath in freestyle, now I take 3. A guy who shared my lane today said, "You use you legs a lot ... gets your heart rate up fast ... but you have a good stroke." I need to revisit my technique. Swimming should be getting easier, not harder.

It has been raining lately. Right now the sky is overcast and there is that could-rain smell in the air. Most unusual for June. This has been great for my vegetables. My garden has been growing slowly but steadily. Of my 10 tomato plants, one has started bearing fruit-- the beefsteak has 3 tomatoes the size of large marbles. I'm curious to see how the plant will deal with the heft, considering it is only 18 inches tall right now. A few other tomatoes have flowers, which I think will become fruit. My melons and zucchini are also flowering; I have high hopes for these guys. How thrilling will it be to have some canteloupe and zatta melons.

I'm seriously considering waking up super early to watch the French Open men's final tomorrow . I hope Federer pulls it off. I'd like to see Federer beat Sampras' record (never liked Sampras). But one thing is for certain, Federer will cry-- win or lose.

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