Monday, October 9, 2006

Back to the New Grind

Vending machine in Tokyo.

I've been back in LA for over a week now. I've started my new job. So far, so good. Just trying to adjust and fit in. I'm hoping to turn a new leaf in my life generally. I have pretty regular hours at the new job, so I'm thinking about creating a schedule of sorts for myself-- e.g., work out M-W-F, cook dinner T-Th. Something like that. I think I need structure, otherwise nothing happens.

I want to get back in yoga. There was a time in NY when I went to yoga classes at least three times a week. I was so into it that I would actually take the subway downtown to take the class. The whole thing (class and travel time) would take a good three hours. There is a studio in Los Feliz that I like quite a bit. I should stop making excuses and just go. I've started to feel a little creaky in the morning (feet and legs feel stiff) and my shoulders are sore in the evenings (must be the way I have my computer set up at night), so clearly something needs to change.

Door in Kyoto.


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Great door!!
Did you go inside? You know you wanted to...

junebee said...

And what, exactly, was that vending machine selling? I know they sell pretty much anything out of a vending machine in Japan.

chanchow said...

Tony: The Workaholics were closed when I was there. The nerve! I can't get over how being open six hours a day can make you a workaholic. I definitely would've gone in if I could and demanded free membership!

Junebee: Pretty sure that vending machine was selling water, ice tea and soft drinks. Some machines sell cigarettes and alcohol, but I didn't see asmany of those.