Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October Randoms

Had my first Thai massage over the weekend at a place called The Raven in Silverlake. Mmmmm, good. It was like a deep tissue massage, but with some stretching and pulling now and then.

Never without a vacation in the works, Mr. Octopus and I will be going to Paris later this year. It'll be his first time and my second. I'm planning on hitting some of the more unusual attractions this time around-- like Les Egouts (the Paris sewers-- pictured below).

Season 3 of Lost has begun. I'm waiting to be blown away, but I'm not holding my breath. Too many story lines. The show is spread too thin. The Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle is so old. Locke is only mildly interesting. Who cares about The Others and their little commune? Okay, I do, but not very much.

Jeffrey won Project Runway and, though I wanted him to sink, I thought he put out the best collection. I wonder what part of LA a punk rock glam jerk like him lives in. Any guesses? Westside?


Mr. Octopus and I recently started watching Arrested Development on DVD. Mucho great. I can't think of another show like it. Gob is probably my favorite character, with Buster a veryclose second.


Anonymous said...

PR was crazy. I was a big fan of Uli's collection, which is odd, because I was never down with Uli and her hippy dippy "hot wedder" duds. If you haven't already, check out the funniest PR blog on the web: www.projectrungay.blogspot.com. I've blown HOURS at work laughing at it.
As for an upcoming Paris vacation--so exciting!! Since it's Mr. Octopus' first time, you'll probably be hitting the museums. Once you've been overwhelmed by the Louvre (or "the Ruble" as my mother calls it), I highly recommend the Musee de Jacquemart-Andre--basically a museum in a house. Tres jolie. I envy you the many smelly cheeses you will be eating.


JEM said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Uli's collection and was sad that she didn't win. Jeffrey's collection was very creative, I'll give you that -- but not wearable. Uli's, on the other hand, was gorgeous and I would wear every piece of it. The crowd's reaction said it all. No one clapped for Jeffrey's, mind you.

You know that Michael was my favorite during the season but I have to say the finale collection was disappointing. Sad that only Brandy was captured on camera to root for him -- and they made it look like it was only because he was her peoples.

But whatever, I've decided that for Project Runway, as long as you get to Bryant Park, you are GOLDEN.
Props to all of them cuz I couldn't do any of that even if I tried.

JEM said...

oh, you suck for going on ANOTHER vacation so soon after Japan. And Paris to boot.

chanchow said...

I just found out that it's GOB, as in George Oscar Bluth. Man, that show's so funny.

Uli's collection was great, and by far the most wearable. I respect the judges' decision for Jeffrey though. His stuff was the most creative and interesting.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Wow- never been to Les Egouts while out there. You have to post about it. We're going to France next year for 3 weeks.