Saturday, November 18, 2006

Burbank, Who Knew?

Soon after I moved from Minnesota to California in 1986, I got a letter from my friend in Minnesota saying "I hear that a lot of famous people live in Burbank. You should go there." (Apparently, all of our favorite movie stars and bands had their fan mail directed to some P.O. box in Burbank.)

Twenty years later, I'm finally getting around to exploring Burbank and man, this place rocks. I'm not kidding. There are some 1950s era gems like Bob's Big Boy (the oldest Bob's still standing) and Papoo's on Riverside Drive. There's also the Toluca Lake district, which has some really beautiful old houses. I love old houses! Especially the fairy tale/storybook looking ones. There's an IKEA, Barnes & Noble, movie theater, among other life essentials. To top it off, there's the Burbank Bob Hope airport (he was a longtime Burbank resident and was supposedly very jealous that John Wayne had his own airport). It's one of those fantastic old fashioned, teeny weeny airports where the lines are short and the parking is cheap.


junebee said...

Awesome house! We had a Big Boy's here in Florida. Several years ago, someone stole the Big Boy. It was quite large and it was quite a feat to steal it!

I haven't been to Bob Hope's airport but I've been to John Wayne's.

ivanomartin said...

The Burbank airport is the best, and way easier to get to from downtown/hollywood/where you live than LAX.

We went by that Papoo's place a few times on the way to the airport, but never went in as great as it looks. Have you guys been?

Someone once told me that Bob Hope bought up tons of real estate in the valley early on and he really made his money selling it off. Apparently his family still has huge land holdings there.

chanchow said...

I've been to Papoo's for lunch. I had the chili dog and it was really good. Not the kind of meal you can eat too often, but it's cool every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Yup! I work in the area. Lots of good places to eat and visit.

Bob's scares me though. Something about that kid in his overalls just ain't right.