Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two Hours of My Life That I Want Back

Running with Scissors went on forever and ever. From the previews, it looked like a comedy about a dysfunctional family. A crazy mom, her husband and her son. No, it's much more than that. There's a crazy mom, her husband and her son, plus her crazy shrink, his crazy wife, their crazy children. Think Wes Anderson, but instead of everyone being lovably quirky, they're annoyingly psychotic.

I read somewhere that Annette Bening is a contender for the Best Actress Oscar. Nothing could be more hilarious. It's really not that hard to play a bipolar delusional narcissist. I can do that (I do do that!). It's way more difficult to play normal.


Anonymous said...

It bothers me that actors playing "normal" roles don't get nominations.

You have to play 'disabled-something' really well.

hh said...

oh sistah...i know!!!
that movie was like being trapped in a college party where everyone there thinks they're cool but really they're just incredibly not. annoying.