Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkeygate Avoided

This year's pardoned turkey, Marshmallow, is special. For the last 15 years, the lucky pardoned turkey gets sent to a petting zoo called Frying Pan Park in suburban Virginia. Not Marshmallow. Thanks to a PETA letter campaign saying that Frying Pan Park was a substandard place for turkeys, our President decided to avoid yet another publicity disaster by sending Marshmallow and his stand-in, Yam, to Disneyland!

To say that life is good for Marshmallow and Yam is an understatement. They flew first class on United to California and will be grand marshals in Disneyland's Thanksgiving Parade. They will live the rest of their lives in Santa's reindeer ranch in Frontierland.

We know that Marshmallow and Yam will have a great Thanksgiving, here's hoping you will, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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