Saturday, June 17, 2006

Doggie Days of Summer

One day I'm going to get a dog. I'm a sucker for puppies (who isn't?). So many breeds to choose from. Aw shucks.


Joshua, the Newfoundland who won Best in Show
at the Westminster dog show a few years ago.



Anonymous said...

I saw a great show on the National Geographic channel about picking the right dog. I know this is almost impossible, but it stressed the importance of picking a breed that fits your lifestyle over one that you think is ridiculously cute or makes a statement about your personality (ie. Venice Muscle Beach guy with bulldog).

The good news is there is so much information avaialble on various dog breeds. Be careful of words like spirited and lively though, I'm pretty sure this is simply code for "pain in the ass" ; )

Octopus Grigori said...

Words of wisdom. I hear poodles are very smart.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend going to a dog show to check out different breeds. Kurt and I played hooky from work and went to Westminster in Madison Square Garden a couple of years ago and it was the most fun ever. It's an open show, so you go back into the gallery and all the dogs are hanging out and waiting to be petted and fussed over by strangers and the owners are more than happy to gab about their dogs (and that movie Best in Show is really not that far off base). It's probably the greatest place to see dogs, as you'll probably never see such beautiful, clean, well-behaved dogs anywhere else (the downside is that you just want to take them all home and snuggle with them forever).