Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm Prepared to Be Wrong

At the risk of looking like a total idiot and offending some friends of the chanchow, here are my predictions for the World Cup. The asterisk denotes the match winner. As you can see, there are no Cinderella teams listed here. However, I do have Trinidad and Tobago being the runner-up in Group B (eventually falling to Germany in the Round of 16). Who do you think will be in the finals and who will be the surprise team (if any)?


Germany - Netherlands *
Czech Republic * - France
England - Argentina *
Brazil * - Spain


Netherlands * - Czech Republic
Argentina - Brazil *

Third place game:

Czech Republic - Argentina *


Netherlands - Brazil *


junebee said...

I would love to see South Korea make it at least to the quarterfinals. But despite their win over Togo yesterday I don't think it will happen.

chanchow said...

I didn't see South Korea play yesterday, but it looks like they have a good chance of advancing out of their group.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Spain and Czech Rep will go a lot farther than you predict. They are looking very strong. Netherlands and Brazil are not playing as strongly as tehy should. France is exceedingly lethargic. Australia is my bet for an outside possibility (they have Guus Hiddink coaching them, who coached South Korea at the last world cup).

chanchow said...

I agree that Brazil didn't look good in its opening match (what's up with Ronaldo?). England isn't playing impressively either-- not sure they will win their Round of 16 game (esp if it's against Germany).

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like they got around that problem for now by tieing Sweden. They will face Ecuador.