Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chanchow Eats: Polka

Have I mentioned that some of the best things in LA are found in strip malls? No? Don't believe me? Check out Polka, a family-run Polish restaurant at the corner of Verdugo and York in Glassell Park.

Polka doesn't look like much from the parking lot. Every inch of the windows is covered with restaurant reviews and tinsel. We couldn't tell if it was crowded or empty. When we poked our head inside and saw that each table was taken. A five minute wait, the friendly owner said.

While we waited, an older couple opened the door and told us, unsolicited, that everything was wonderful and that the vegetables were delicious and fresh. They were right. I ordered the klopsy (meatballs with rice, potatoes and veggies) and Mr. Octopus had the vegetarian pierogi. Our meals came with mushroom soup, salad and dessert. All yummy.

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junebee said...

I have never had Polish food. I will have to try it sometime.