Friday, September 29, 2006

Last Night in Tokyo

I just returned to Tokyo after a quick visit to Kyoto. Kyoto deserves much more than the one night I spent there. It is home to over 1500 temples and shrines that are interspersed, often inconspicuously, among the residential and commercial areas. In my brief visit, I managed to see a few of the more lovely and important temples. I hope to post pictures when I return to the States tomorrow.

I just checked into my hotel, the Park Hyatt, and all I can say is wow. When the bellhop opened the door of my cab, he said "Welcome back." I'm not sure if he was mixing me up with someone else, but it was a nice touch. Mr. Bellhop accompanied me up to reception, which is on the 41st floor, and somewhere along the way, he got my name off my luggage tag, passed it discreetly to the reception, and before I knew it, my registration card was awaiting me. The hotel is luxurious without being overdone and the service is great. Best yet, my room is fantastic. I lucked out with a corner room and I have expansive views south towards Shibuya and Yoyogi Park. I'm on the 47th floor and I feel like I'm suspended in midair. Looking down I see the lacing of roads and freeways; it reminds me of some of those sci-fi movies.

This vacation has been hard work and I am pooped from my week in Japan. I overcame the isolation I felt initially, and soon went about my days with a hop in my step, poking around here and there. This being my last night, I think I may just relax in my room, soak in the tub, and, of course, get a drink at the bar a la Scarlett Johannson. Who knows maybe I'll see Bill Murray.


Octopus Grigori said...

I'm jealous. Did you try the pool?

junebee said...

Fantastic. I can't imagine a view from the 47th floor. Did you take any pictures?