Wednesday, September 6, 2006

End of Summer

We spent the Labor Day weekend in Escondido and Julian, both near San Diego. We hit the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. The WAP was until 9pm over the weekend, so we managed to visit during the late afternoon/early evening and avoid the hot summer sun. We stayed in the HoJo Escondido, which I thought would be cute and kitschy (my first time at a HoJo), but in reality was dumpy and sketchy. In Julian, we stayed at the historic Julian Hotel, built by a former slave over a hundred years ago. The older I get, the more I interested I am in where I stay. I'll post pics of the animals and Julian soon.

We were on the road to Julian when Agassi lost to B. Becker. I wish I'd seen it. I remember when Agassi first came onto the scene in the mid-80s. My parents, like many Asian parents, signed me up for tennis lessons and hoped that I would really take to the game. The only thing that stuck was that I liked watching grand slams on tv. Over the years, I've like Lendl, Edberg (huge crush-- probably the last blonde guy I ever thought was hot), Martina and Steffi Graf (in her later years). I never liked Connors, Sampras (Boring), Chris Evert (also Boring), Boris Becker (annoying) or Martina Hingis (bitch). I can't get too revved up by any of the new players, although I do like Federer, James Blake and Justine Henin-Hardenne.


Anonymous said...

The Agassi/Becker game was great--Andre went out like a champ. He cried, I cried, we all cried. I get farklempt just thinking about it.

How funny that you mention Stefan Edberg! I had the HUGEST crush on him when I was in high school. Unlike you, I think I've always had it bad for the blonds--as a matter of fact, still do.

(btw, I can't believe Mr. Octopus was able to peel himself off the 81 bus long enough to get away for the weekend -- however, I am enjoying the Bus Chronicles).


chanchow said...

LC: Stefan Edberg was certainly the heartthrob of his day! My first live tennis event was watching Edberg play at a wheelchair tennis charity event in Newport Beach. Must've been in '90-'91. Edberg played against an unknown named Pete Sampras. I went with a girlfriend (and loyal chanchow visitor!) and we drooled over Edberg and hissed at his then girlfriend/fiance (now wife) Annette.

hh said...

that's right! our high school hots for edberg...and paying 25 bucks to see him play at that charity event, good times. we were probably the youngest and poorest people at the club.

when i used to follow tennis more, i liked and disliked the exact same people you did!!

i have to say i find nadal fun to watch now, though i might not have liked him as much before.

i caught the agassi-becker game and got all emotional and weepy at the end. i never particularly cared for him until just recently...because he's older and leaving the game.