Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Ramblings

Who stamps your passport if you go to Antarctica? A couple penguins?

Not really interested in the Oscars this year, but I'll watch some of it, as usual. I'm predicting no upsets. I wonder how long the standing ovation will be if Scorsese wins.

We're now three (four?) episodes into Lost 2007 and I'm beginning to lose faith. It started off strong (I liked the episode about Juliet), but now it's officially lame. This week's episode was especially awful. How many more Jack flashbacks do we need to endure. Does anyone care that he got a tattoo in Phuket. I think this third season needs to be the last. Wrap it up!


Octopus Grigori said...

Silly chanchow, everyone knows that you have to sneak into Antarctica illegally. You climb over the fence protecting Antarctica or have a coyote take you through a tunnel into Antarctica. You can also sneak in in a shipping container.

Seriously, though, maybe you can get your passport stamped by all the countries that claim portions of the continent?

Also, "Lost" has so jumped the shark.

MK said...

I suppose the Antarctic Treay Secretariat would stamp your passport. Six countries, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Norway, France and New Zealand have territorial claims, all regulated by the Antarctic Treaty.

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