Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sorry About the Oscar, Eddie

But you'll always have this.

p.s. Is Rick James still alive?


hh said...

Wow. I forgot about that song.
I come to the defense of a lot of 80s music, but if I were in a debate with someone anti-80s and they hit me with "jam," I'd lose.

It's also pretty amazing how many instruments they show being played...when all it sounds like is maybe one synthesizer.

Oh and I heard that Eddie Murphy left right after he found out that he didn't win!!?!

Kris said...

I really wish music videos were still made like this.

chanchow said...

I didn't like this song when it came out, but now I think it totally rocks. Video rocks, too. I love the lip synching.

Eddie Murphy did leave early. As they say on the playground, poor sport, poor sport.