Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mr. Her

Things might be getting easier for husbands who want to take their wife's last name. The ACLU has filed a gender discrimination suit on behalf of Mike Buday. Right now, in California, he is required to do much more than a wife who wants to change her name. He has to file a petition, pay over $300, take out a public notice in the local newspaper (!) and appear before a judge.

I'm all for guys changing their names. I know three men who've done it. If this catches on (I'm not holding my breath), we'll have to think of a word for the male equivalent of "maiden name" and "Mrs."


ivanomartin said...

How about "Mrr." instead of "Mrs."?


junebee said...

You have to wonder why this is such a big deal. I know two guys who changed their (first, middle and last) names legally. Why is it such a big problem if the guy is changing to his wife's name or one he made up himself (like the two guys I know).

creative-type dad said...

It seems like such a no-brainer - doesn't it?

I'd like to make up my last name. Heck, why not my whole name like Prince, Cher, or David Hasselhoff