Thursday, March 1, 2007

Who Are These People?

Just read that Hollywood is doing an English-language remake of The Lives of Others. Why? Why? Anyone who has seen this movie must be aghast (except for the Weinsteins, apparently). They really know how to ruin a good thing.

Also as infuriating is that ABC has signed on for three more years of Lost. I can't hold out until 2010. Kill me now.


Kris said...

This is a depressing post. 3 more years of LOST? The Lives of Others was close to perfection. Why mess with it? I read in the LA Times yesterday that the movie biz is spiraling downward (people being more interested in movie stars than movies).

hh said...

Lame and lame. :(
However, your red mad guy is awesome! very mr. men-esque (my favorite!).

ivanomartin said...

Three more years? Are they going to discover a new "other island" once a year for the three years.

Yeesh. Check please.

Octopus Grigori said...

I love the red mad guy. Especially that he's wearing a hat.