Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hello Week

Sunday night. Watching E! True Hollywood Story: Kelly Ripa. I'm not home in the mornings to watch Regis & Kelly anymore, but last I watched she really bothered me. I used to like her. At the beginning.

Aaah, the last hours of the weekend.

The one good thing about Mondays is Dancing with the Stars. I can't believe that Billy Ray is still on. Poor John Ratzenberger. I'm guessing Ian Ziering will be next to go. I would say Billy Ray, but I've been saying that for a couple weeks and he just keeps coming back. Like a cockroach. I don't understand what the judges are talking about when they say he dancing with his heart, puts his all into it, blaah blaah.

But let's not talk about Monday yet.

My weekend was great. And not because Mr. Octopus was away (ha ha, sorry Octopus). A friend who lives in DC spent the night on Friday. We made grilled cheese sandwiches, had a bottle of Riesling and caught up. Then today I hiked the 'JPL Trail' in Pasadena with another friend. I couldn't have imagined a better Sunday morning. I think this hike is one of my favorite things ever. It's cool and shady and easy.

Then this afternoon I went hog wild with the gardening. I went to not one, but two Armstrong nurseries. Glendale and Pasadena (the Pasadena one is way better). I bought a bunch of plants (including some yellow and red 'kangaroo paws' like the ones here) and then came home and dug some holes. I'm pretty happy with what I bought and I hope that the plants take to their new environment.

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junebee said...

I always wondered which wine was proper to serve with grilled cheese!