Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday, and I've Got More to Say

I just finished watching Dancing with the Stars. I don't understand why Apolo got a perfect score for his freestyle routine. He seemed one step behind his partner the whole time. Also, I wonder why Mr. Jazz Patch, who was born in like 1982 and who presumably grew up in the 90s, would do a whole routine around breakdancing (something I think is quintessentially early 80s). I guess breakdancing is back in style, right? Does that mean that the 80s are coming back generally? Nothing would be more awesome because that means my music tastes are current once again.

Sometimes it shocks me that I live in LA. As if time has passed me by and suddenly I wake up and I'm living in LA. Not that I don't like it here. Actually, I quite like it. I really like Eagle Rock. But it's that weird sense that somehow I live in the day-to-day humdrum and don't realize the overarching big picture. Kinda like, wow, I'm in my 30s. How did that happen?


Ron said...

Ah, L.A., I can't imagine how further off from D.C. one could possibly get. And yet the same out-of-body experience is felt when one acknowledges his place in such a historical and meaningful metropolis. I was reading a book in front of the Washington Monument last week on my day off and I felt that same marvel...

creative-type dad said...

I hope the 80's come back. I still have my ghettoblaster with the flashing lights and everything.

As for the "oh my God - I'm in my 30's"...once you hit the mid-thirties , it turns into "oh my God, I'll be 40...I need to buy a porsche or something..."