Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tipping... What's Normal?

I got on the topic of tipping with a few colleagues of mine and I was surprised at the big differences we have on the topic. For example, when it comes to tipping housekeeping at a hotel, how much do you leave per day? This is what each of us had to say:
Girl #1: Doesn't tip housekeeping at hotels. Only tips if she's renting a house and gets housekeeping.

Girl #2: $10 a day, which she leaves in an envelope at the front desk. Since she stays at nice resorts, she thinks $10 is customary.

Me: A buck or two a day (regardless of whether it's the Days Inn or Four Seasons), which I leave on the nightstand.

Guy #1: Doesn't tip unless it's a business trip.
And for valets:
Girl #1: Usually a buck.

Girl #2: Several dollars, depending on how much valet costs. If valet costs $15, she might tip $3.

Me: Usually a buck.

Guy #1: Usually a buck or two.


Adrienne said...

I don't tip housekeeping at hotels unless I am there for a week or more. I usually just ask for clean towels and I'll make my own bed (yeah right).

Valet, usually a buck or two depending on where it is. Vegas 1 buck.

creative-type dad said...

I'm feeling a little guilty. I usually don't top housekeeping either-- unless they do something extra-ordinary.

I do tip valet, $1 or $2, the bellhop maybe $1 per bag.

People I don't tip-- those people who serve me ice cream or takes my order all while giving me dirty looks at the food court...!

EFD said...

I've been thinking about that a lot this trip. I usually leave five bucks at the end of my stay. But it's something that it never even crossed my mind to do until I turned 26. And it always worries me a little bit that I'm not doing it right.