Sunday, July 29, 2007

If a Person Could Be a Pet Peeve

Dare I say, looking a little like Michael Jackson?

...that person would be Winona Ryder. She bugs me. Always has. I never thought she was a good actress. She always has that pained, unnatural, breathlessness about her. Kinda like Julianne Moore (who I also don't like). I can acknowledge that she's pretty, but only grudgingly. I laughed when I heard she got busted for shoplifting. I thought she was over, at long last.

But according to Vogue (or perhaps because of Vogue), Winona is coming back. She is on the August cover. And so, of course, I took a look. For the past few years, the August issue has been the "Age Issue," which is very helpful for telling woman what clothes, makeup and cosmetic procedures are age-appropriate. I'm in my 30s. So is Winona (she's 35). It sorta bothers me that she's a representative of my decade. But to put a positive on it-- better Winona than Gwyneth.

Anyhoo, I bought the August issue. It's not so bad. I learned something: Hillary's traveling chief of staff is a 30-something woman of South Asian descent named Huma Abedin. She started out as an intern in the first lady's office and worked her way up. Now she's Hillary's right hand.

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