Friday, July 13, 2007

Santiago, Chile

Only good things to say about Santiago. The city is modern, clean and safe and the people are friendly. There isn't tons to do, but it's a good (and necessary) stopover for other points in Chile.

Santiago is in a very active earthquake zone and yet it has a great subway system that everyone uses. If only LA were like this.

Riding the teleferico.

The very cool and colorful Bellavista neighborhood.


Quiet evening in the city.


creative-type dad said...

What? Are you dissing our 6 billion dollar subway that goes nowhere...?!

junebee said...

Great pictures! I feel like I've travelled the world in a few minutes because Vietnamese God has pictures of Kuala Lumpar and then I saw our pictures from Santiago. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

The subway doesn't go nowhere. It actually goes lots of places (although nowhere near as many as it ought to, obviously). It's actually used by more people than you'd think.

The cultural antipathy toward public transport in LA is staggering and laughable, and I think, ultimately untenable. You'll be commuting on trains and buses w/in 30 years, whether you like it or not.


Godknows said...

Wow, nice. Your photos make me compare between Sniago and Singapore. Have a great trip