Sunday, September 30, 2007

In and Around Santa Barbara

Santa Claus lives in Santa Barbara!

We had a great time in Santa Barbara this weekend. We stayed at the Inn of the Spanish Garden, which I would highly recommend, and had a fantastic Italian dinner at Olio e Limone. We walked around town, shopped a little (I picked up a bottle of Pasolivo olive oil), and watched a bucketload of Entourage on DVD. We also visited Los Olivos, a little town in the Santa Ynez Valley (where Sideways was filmed), and had a yummy lunch at Los Olivos Cafe.

Mission Santa Barbara

The Presidio

The chapel in the Presidio

At the huge and wonderful Saturday Farmers' Market in downtown Santa Barbara

Hierloom tomatoes galore

Driving back to LA


Kris said...

santa barbara is the best place i've ever lived. the only place where i was 100% happy with my physical environment. there were a couple of summers back around '94-'95 that i was at santa clause lane every single day.

creative-type dad said...

The wife and I love it up there. It's such a perfect place to go up for the day. Sambo's is one of our favorite spots for breakfast (great muffins)

I have family up there and we avoid them, which makes for a nicer trip.

Anonymous said...

that farmer's market is really good.