Thursday, February 7, 2008

When, Oh When, Will I Have Nice Skin???

I'm not asking for flawless, how does she do it skin. I'm talking about nice, clear skin. And it bothers me that, at this age, it is still not mine. Perhaps it's hormones and I should just accept that one day it will all pass. I remind myself that my oily skin helps me stay young looking. But the fact is that it's all very distressing and it makes me feel like a teenager again. Sad and self-conscious.


Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? You have beautiful skin!! I should really comment on it more in light of these doubts you express, but I had no idea you thought that way.

if these woes arise from a general greasy feeling, however (e.g., I would start the day looking pretty fresh, then descend into a shiny oil slick that magnifies any and all imperfections and generally looks/feels icky, which sends me running for powder and I end up looking like a geisha), you might want to use a mattifying cream in the morning. I have tried TONS (lancome, dermadoctor), but the one that really works is Medi-Matte by Cosmedicine. You can get it at sephora. And then one bit of advice I got from my facialist in NYC is that excess oil is really a result of under-moisturizing, so when you're skin isn't getting enough moisture, the oil glands go into hyperdrive, then you get greasiness, breakouts and irritation. so keeping well-moisturized actually keeps all those nasty oil glands in check. Sounds counterproductive but it totally worked for me.


chanchow said...

thanks, LC! yea, i don't know what's going on. i went to my facialist last weekend and she did painful things to me, but since then i think it's been better. she said i had a lot of pores and that i had allowed them to get too clogged. doesn't everyone have pores? i guess i have more than other people. i have been moisturing more, too, so hopefully that will help. if it doesn't, i will check out your mattifying creme. thanks for the tip!