Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Happy August

So it's August again. I feel like 2006 just began and already we've passed the mid-year mark. It's a little past 8am and I'll be heading off to work soon. I've been waking up early lately -- around 6:30-7am -- without the help of an alarm clock. Not sure if it's because of stress or just not needing as much sleep as before.

August. I'm trying to figure out what I think of when I think of August. To me, it's not really summer (even though it technically is), nor is it fall. It's a transition month. A buffer. The end of summer vacation and the beginning of anticipation of the school year (back in the day). A winding down, gearing up. Nowadays with work, August is just the "slow month" when the stock market slows and investment bankers go on vacation, which somehow trickles down to the little foot soldiers like me.


junebee said...

Yeah, August is sort of a bummer - long, hot days, no holidays, business is slow except maybe in ice cream and air conditioning repair!

hh said...

aug. is our down month too...makes one restless...makes one having a wandering career eye...sigh.

Crystal said...

Interesting that in America we start staying "well, summer is over" by August, whereas in Europe it is THE premier month for summer vacations and is peak travel time. I loved August when I used to live in Chicago, but now it's just way to hot here in D.C. to get out much and do activities such as biking. That's a bummer, and this heat is really making me grumpy.