Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing with the Stars, Revisited

Okay, so I might have been too effusive about Dancing with the Stars a few weeks back. It's definitely not the best thing ever (not that I said that). There are way too many commercials. The results show is totally lame (I don't watch the results show, actually, I just check online to see who got booted).

So far three "stars" have been voted off and they've all been women (Paulina, a former Miss USA and Leeza Gibbons). Is that just a coincidence? It's not like the men are that great. Clyde is painful to watch, so is the guy from Cheers. Why not them?

Is it that the audience is mostly women and they don't want to vote for other women? Is it because the male dancers aren't as attractive as the female dancers? If I were to vote (and I haven't), I'd probably vote for Heather Mills.


Pam said...

I find the show pretty amusing. Personality/popularity probably plays a huge role in the vote. Leeza Gibbons was a snooze to watch, but she was also kinda annoying. I really liked Leila in the beginning, but am now behind Mr. Beverly Hills 90210!

Octopus Grigori said...

I think you are correct about the demographics. Also, I think the people that got voted off were the most boring and lifeless people there. Clyde is sort of boring, granted, but he is also kind of funny because he just does not care at all. So people (like me) sort of root for him, as a lovable slacker. But I think either he or John Ratzenberger will be next to go.

It seems like a lot of the remaining people could win. I still think that Joey Fatone has an unfair advantage, since N'Sync underwent rigorous training.

I think we should start a betting pool on Chanchow to make things interesting. We could bet every week on the first place dancer, and the person getting voted off. And we could have a grand prize vote for the ultimate winner.I think I would put money on Heather Mills to win.