Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sorry Mr. Fig Tree

A couple weekends ago Mr. Octopus and I decided to weed a certain part of our back yard that had been overtaken by a weedy vine-like thing that had sprouted out of nowhere. It was growing very fast and vigorously and we felt that the sooner we conquered it, the better. It had broad coarse leaves and weird bulb things (right). We had no idea what it was. Mr. Octopus tried his best to dig it all out, until he realized that it was growing from underneath the patio.

Fast forward to today. My parents came to visit and as usual, my mom, an avid gardener, looked closely at all the plantings in our yard. Turns out there is another similar weedy, bulby thing growing in the far back of the yard (no man's land) and just like the other one, it had appeared out of nowhere. My mom said it is a fig tree. Poor Mr. Figgie. No we feel sorta bad. I guess that's what eating fig newtons, as opposed to real figs, will do to you. Of course, we're going to leave the new fig tree to grow happily into a big bush, maybe something like this one (below).


junebee said...

Fig newtons cost too much anyway! But you could try to make some figgy pudding for Christmas!

JEM said...

that is so cool!!!! figs are like one of the most valuable fruits in the world!

You should plant an avacado tree next.

REI Lender said...

I know this is an old post but if you still have it and you want LOADS of figs do this: after the weather has started cooling and before all the leaves fall off cut the tree back tot he biggest limbs and trunks. Don't worry, it will grow back with gusto and LOAD you with figs. I cut mine back about 6 to 8 feet every year and by the end of Spring it's back to 12 to 14 feet tall and wide but absolutely loaded with figs.

Amy said...

I just got a "gift" box from "FarmVille"

Been playing the game for less than a week. Opened the gift box, it was a fig tree so I planted it on my farm. I've never met a fig tree so Googled Images and there was yours, it looks like the one I got from FarmVille management. I notice you said it grows fast, so does the one I planted. Anyway, thanks for the reality check. Sounds like you didn't know what the heck it was either when you encountered it!