Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Next Big Trip

We'll be heading to South America for the first time this June. So many interesting countries to choose from, but we decided on Chile, and boy am I excited. I really wanted to visit Patagonia, but June is winter down there, so we are instead hitting Santiago and Easter Island. Santiago looks a lot like LA, a city wedged between the ocean and the mountains. Easter Island is seriously in the middle of nowhere. A triangular-shaped island only 45 square miles big (about the size of Staten Island) and 2,000+ miles west of continental Chile (a five hour flight from Santiago).

Flag of Easter Island


junebee said...

Cool, have a great trip. Can't wait to see some pictures too.

sal said...

a friend i know lived in chile for a few years. if you have some questions you want aswered let me know. - salman

creative-type dad said...

Very cool!

I girl I knew in college was from chile. She was very friendly. Tell her I said "hi"