Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are You Sad About Heath Ledger?

There were a lot of people talking about this at my work today. And, I must admit, I kept checking perezhilton and tmz for all the (misinformed) updates. I don't think I've seen any of his movies, but I still feel a little sad. I wonder if there's any celebrity whose passing would really make me sad. I was bummed when Katharine Hepburn died, although not too sad because she lived such a long and full life.


Adrienne said...

I think the death of anyone, especially someone so young, is sad, in it's own way. TO know that his death will hurt so many that love him, makes me sad for them.

Charles said...

Yeah, I was at the Sundance film festival when I saw it on the news. Everyone around was pretty shocked.

BTW, I saw a shorts film session where Isabella Rossellini presented her "Green Porno" shorts. She was right in front us of as we left. I thought you might get a kick out of that.

chanchow said...

I almost forgot that I used to loooove Isabella Rossellini. That is so funny that you were right behind her. Very exciting.

How did you get tickets to Sundance? Were you there for fun or work?

David said...

yeah--this did bother me, actually.

i ran into him a bunch of times this summer at the coffee place around the corner and he was very cool--not a hollywood type at all.


Charles said...

A bunch of us went for the skiing and movies. Half of us got into the lotto for tickets.
I ended up seeing Up the Yangtze, Shorts V, Phoebe in Wonderland, and Sugar. They were all really good.
We also skiied 3 days on mostly empty slopes. It was pretty awesome.