Wednesday, December 28, 2005

For the Hip Parent: Violet Magazine

I picked up Violet at the magazine shop in my office building. Started my Charles Mingus' daughter and based in LA, its tagline is "Modern Family Living - You've Grown Up But You Haven't Grown Old." It's an ok magazine, nice to look at and with that non-glossy appeal. I suppose it fills the niche of well-to-do women and young moms who want an indie alternative to the current family and wifely magazines. A little fashion, a little celebrity, a little child-rearing advice. Hip parents profiled so far include Kirsty Hume and Donovan Leitch (left), Juliette Binoche, Laird Hamilton and Debi Mazar. Who says you can't have kids and still be cool? I just saw it in Barnes & Noble, so I guess it's catching on.

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