Friday, December 16, 2005

This Gives Me the Giggles

I can't get over this picture. You'd think that with all the money and consultants that Mariah Carey has at her fingertips, she would have better fashion sense. Is this what pop stars wear these days? I haven't watched MTV in a while, so it could just be me.

But query, who wears leotards? Is this one of those leotards where you're supposed to wear pants with them? Did Mariah forget her pants? Then there is the matter of the shoes and socks. This is a very bad combination. Who thinks that a leotard + soccer socks + pumps = suitable outfit for television? On the other hand, this getup might make sense if she were wearing roller skates and knee pads.

On a positive note, Mariah looks good for 35. Yes, Mariah Carey is 35! She is still making hit albums and getting nominated for Grammys. Britney and Christina have come and gone (for now), but Mariah is still boppin along and looking as tawny as ever. I wonder if she is the Cher for our generation.

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Octopus Grigori said...

Hey, no one's commenting on the funny picture!