Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Lost for 2006

It seems appropriate that my first entry of the new year be about Lost. Those bastards over at ABC have been feeding us reruns for the last four weeks. But just as the frustrated viewers, like myself, were beginning to mobilize, good old ABC tells us that a new episode will be airing in a couple weeks. Entitled "Revelations," the episode is supposed to answer all our questions. We'll see about that. Here are some questions I have.

~ What happened to Desmond?
~ What happened to Jack's dad's coffin?
~ What happened to Jack's marriage?
~ Who's the creepy Asian guy on the film?
~ What's the "island security?"
~ Where did the polar bear come from?
~ What's the "sickness" that plagued Rousseau's team?
~ Why do the Others take children?
~ Are the Others supernatural?

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