Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Where Did You Go, Madge? Part 2

Because my previous Top 10 list doesn't do Madge justice, here is my top 20. I think this covers almost all the gems, although I'm sure it's not without controversy.

20. Ray of Light
19. Rain
18. Rescue Me
17. Take a Bow
16. Music
15. Material Girl
14. Into the Groove
13. Vogue
12. Express Yourself
11. Crazy for You

10. Like a Prayer
9. Dear Jessie
8. Dress You Up
7. Burning Up
6. Like a Virgin
5. La Isla Bonita
4. Causing a Commotion
3. Borderline
2. Everybody
1. Holiday

4 comments: said...

I just can't stop myself either. Instead of doing my work...I'm now going through some Madonna song index on the web(and humming, in my head, of course!!)

"Lucky Star" didn't make either list???!!!

chanchow said...

Dagnabbit! I forgot about Lucky Star. Argh. That is definitely top 20... Perhaps #16.

chanchow said...

I'm having a hard time focusing on work today. I wish I could throw a Madonna party, but alas I don't think I know enough Madonna lovers here in LA. Everyone would have to come dressed up as Madonna or something Madonna-related...

(deep breath. must calm down. om shanti.)

HH said...

she looks hot in her latest video for "hung up"! whether you like her or not, you have to respect her work ethic (her muscles are out of hand).

i love "who's that girl" too...