Monday, January 9, 2006

More Lost Off-Screen

It's not just Michelle Rodriguez whose off-screen life is making news. Apparently, Naveen Andrews (the guy who plays Sayid on Lost) fathered a child while on a brief breakup from longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey. He and Hershey have since reconciled and have managed to get through this.

I'm not going to make this a gossip column about Lost (other than the occasional anti-Michelle Rodriguez posts), so I will not mention this again. Suffice to say that if Naveen were dating Michelle, Michelle would've shot his ass.

The hump day treat this week is that ABC will be showing two new episodes of Lost back-to-back. Yow!

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HH said...

omg...i forgot to tell you, we saw stinky michelle rodriguez (we think she was DRUNK again!) at the arclight theater last week! we had just finished watching brokeback mountain and i think she was loitering outside the doors to our theater, perhaps waiting for the next showing. then i went to the bathroom, and as i was exiting, she was entering! and she looked pist! hahahahaa...