Friday, January 20, 2006

Lost Wins

Yay for Lost, which won the Golden Globe for Best TV Show (Drama) earlier this week. I must admit that I was a little puzzled as the cast walked on stage to collect the award. My thinking: "Oh, wait. There's Michael. He's in nice clothes. But he doesn't have nice clothes. There's Sayid. He looks clean. How's that possible? Oh yea, it's just a tv show." I guess I forgot that the show was just pretend.

Conspicuously absent was Michelle Rodriguez, who probably couldn't find someone to drive her to the awards ceremony.

Any thoughts on this week's episode? I've lost interest in our Boy Scout Jack (yawn), so I wasn't as engrossed as I usually am. On the upside, this answers most of the open questions on Jack, so perhaps we won't have another backstory on him in a long time.

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