Monday, July 17, 2006

Chanchow Eats: Korean BBQ

It takes a little longer for us to get to Koreatown now that we are in Eagle Rock, but not so long that we won't go. Over the weekend, we met up with some friends at ChoSun Galbee, near the intersection of Olympic and Western. The decor was pretty upscale and there was valet parking. We got to sit on the patio, beneath the undulating modern metal overhangs. The side dishes were plentiful, the BBQ was delish and the prices not so bad. A good place for a group of meateaters.


ivanomartin said...

What did Ron eat? Do they serve non-mammals?

chanchow said...

I didn't check the vegetarian options, but I bet they were pretty thin (probably glass noodles with veggies and the like). Mr. Octopus had fish.

junebee said...

Sounds great. I like bulgogi and bibimbap.