Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm always surprised (and sometimes baffled) when I meet someone who likes their job. Not just tolerates their job, but likes it. Likes where they work, the work they do, the people they work with. Most of my friends don't like their jobs-- perhaps it's because many of them are in the same field and it's not much fun.

So I'm putting up this poll. I know that a yes/no answer is too simple in some cases, but if you had to say, which would it be.

Do you like your job?
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Anonymous said...

Hey lady, no surprise that I am one of the few yes's! --PAM

smudge said...

I genuinely like my job and coming into work (most days). I would downright LOVE my job if it were just a tad less demanding on my time and personal life.

junebee said...

I have never liked my job. I always wonder how to get a job I would really love. I usually like each job at first but then the honeymoon wears off or something happens like change in management and it begins to surely but slowly suck.

Anonymous said...

I used to not like my job... correction, my profession actually. But since my move to a new town, new company, new colleagues, new focus area, I think I can actually say I like my job and profession... a lot.

funny how new surroundings can totally change a perspective.