Wednesday, July 5, 2006

World Cup Wrap Up

After all my oohing and aahing over Brazil and the World Cup over the last couple weeks, I feel it only appropriate to revisit the topic one more time.

Mr. Octopus and I caught the last few games in between unpacking boxes and and driving to and from Big Sur. Needless to say, I am horrible at picking the results of World Cup matches. This doesn't surprise me in the least, seeing as I don't follow international football and was just guessing frankly. However, being a World Cup onlooker, I can say that (1) I was sold on the whole Brazil 'beautiful game' thing, (2) I really wanted them to do well, (3) when they didn't, I didn't feel bad for them and (4) I'm happy for whoever wins now.

From what I know of Zidane, he seems like a decent and dignified fellow and I would be happy if France won because of him. Of course, this is putting aside any negative feelings I have about France being a colonial power in my birth country (Vietnam). Then again, Zidane is of Algerian descent, so who am I do hold grudges (I don't; I'm just trying to be dramatic sort of). So long story short: Brazil was a disappointment; they deserved to lose; may the better team win on Sunday.


ivanomartin said...

Of the French starting 11, all but three trace their roots to the colonies.

junebee said...

I'm for Italy - I like the food better. However, I was surprised Brazil didn't make it to the finals, soccer powerhouse that they are.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely supporting France. They played beautifully in their last two games. Italy played boring defensive soccer and kicked out a really exciting, young German team that for the first time in German soccer was actually playing a really attractive and dynamic game.


chanchow said...

I think food should definitely be featured more prominently in the next World Cup. Whenever they talk about a country, they should talk about its food-- the spices, the native fruits and veggies, the daily meal of the common man.