Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome to LA, Posh and Becks!

Maybe they'll name their next kid Eagle Rock.


creative-type dad said...

I wouldn't mind going to a game - just to see posh.

I still can't believe he's coming to our little soccer league. But I guess for $250 million anybody would do just about anything.

chanchow said...

I heard tickets sales for the LA Galaxy spiked yesterday.

$250 million is pretty sickening.

I recently saw that movie about when Pele came to play for the New York Cosmos back in the 70s. He got paid a boatload, too.

MK said...

What did Klinsmann get when he played for the Metrostars?

ivanomartin said...

Klinsi didn't play for Metros...It was Matthaus. No one knows exactly what he was making, but it was rumored to be about $1 mil/yr.

Lost in all this $250 million business is the fact that the league is most likely paying less than $10 million/year. The rest is coming from Adidas, and it basically represents the same sponsorship/endorsement revenue that Beckham has been earning for the last ten yrs. The league is pushing the "$250 million" line b/c it makes this an even bigger story and they can now say that he has the biggest contract in US prof sports history.

It's a great deal for the league. They spend (relatively) next to nothing, which they will recoup (and perhaps already have) quickly in add'l season ticket and merchandise sales. They get a player of very high quality (although admittedly on the way down) for probably the remainder of his career, and they get more publicity than they could ever have hoped.

ivanomartin said...

Also Matthaus was terrible for Metros. Laughably bad. Probably didn't even deserve a spot in the starting XI.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, yes I mixed them up. Meant Matthäus.