Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Chanchow Recommends: Sound and Fury

Mr. Octopus and I saw a fantastic documentary on DVD. Sound and Fury (2000) is the story of two brothers on Long Island. Peter is deaf and is married to a deaf woman. Together they have three deaf children. Their oldest child, Heather, age 5 (above), has said that she wants a cochlear implant so that she can hear. Peter and his wife are very reluctant to give their daughter the operation, fearing that she will lose her "deaf identity." The other brother, Chris, is not deaf, however, he and his wife have twin sons-- one is deaf, the other hearing. Chris and his wife want the operation for their son.

What unfolds is a fascinating and heartbreaking look at deaf culture and the cochlear implant, an operation which was (at the time of the film) "deplored" by the National Association of the Deaf. Sound and Fury is the best kind of documentary-- complex personal stories that are presented objectively and without director narration. Highly recommended!

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hh said...

my friend sandy used to show this doc in her class (she taught deaf children). i've yet to see it! i'm curious to learn more about the cochlear implant deaf professor in college was against it, and he and his wife had a hearing kid...