Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Need Help Running

Every few years, I decide that I need to start running. Or better yet, since I don't run at all, learn how to. I've tried again and again and I just can't get into it. It's so hard. Eventually, I abandon it for something else, like yoga or step or spinning-- something with music or with a teacher.

Now I'm back to taking up running. I began a couple weeks ago and was able to run for three minute intervals (speed roughly 5.5 mph) without stopping. Hooray. Sometimes the back of my head would start to hurt. I don't know if that's normal.

How fast are beginners supposed to go? Should I aim for something a little faster than jogging? Should I focus on time instead of speed? I guess I should mention that the main objective is to improve my cardio, which has generally been poor. The next objective (not far behind cardio) is to tone up all the places that were more toned 5 years ago.


Carol said...

Hang in there chanchow! I'm only a recreational runner myself, but I remember starting it all many years ago...slow jog, walk, slow jog, huffing and puffing...walk...few seconds, minutes at a time. I swear, it picks up. Just focus on "enduring" what you can vs. time or speed for now(it's less stressful that way). Also, I'm mostly on a treadmill which is far easier than outdoors where you're working against all the elements of "nature." What else can I share? Oh, that runner's high is just awesome...and when you start to think about doing races (long or small)'s lotsa FUN! My teeny claim to fame is having completed 2 half-marathons and several small races. You can do it!! Hang in're doing GREAT. And, keep us posted.

chanchow said...

Thanks for the encouragement! You're right, I should focus on just getting thru it, at no matter what speed. I shouldn't get too hung up on goals yet.

I'm curious about this runners high thing. Maybe I'll get there some day. I work out on a treadmill, too. I need all the fixins though-- gotta pop in my contacts, gotta get that treadmill in the corner with the least amount of foot traffic. You get my drift.

I think the half-marathon is a major achievement! I'd like to do that some day. Run run run!