Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rogue? Anybody?

Did anyone ever play a PC-based game in the 80s called Rogue? No joystick necessary, just keyboard. So far, I haven't found anyone, other than my cousin who introduced me to it.

Imagine this primitive, but highly addictive, game: you are a smiley face tunneling through some unknown dungeon world. You enter rooms and find jewelry, potions, scrolls, food, staffs, armor, weapons, gold. In the course of finding these goodies, you encounter seemingly endless monsters, each denoted by a single letter (H for Hobgoblin (a cinch to kill), L for leprechan (will steal your gold, "your purse feels lighter"), F for venus flytrip ("you try to run, but you cannot"), G for griffin (run, for you will die), and so on. The object is to advance to the higher levels (you do this by finding a door and exiting through it) and amass an immense pot of gold, without being killed by a monster. I think the highest level is 24, although I wouldn't know because I never made it past 21.

Sounds lame, especially by today's standards, but it was fun as hell back then. Sound familiar to anyone?

Rogue Warrior
killed by a phantom on level 17
2855 Au

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