Monday, February 13, 2006

Viva Italia

I am really getting into the Winter Olympic games. I can't get over how bizarre some of these events are. Yesterday I spent hours watching downhill skiing, cross country, half pipe, luge and speed skating. I'm excited to see the bobsled. I like that there are a lot of age 30+ athletes. I wonder what their day jobs are. I'm so into it that I even feel bad for Michelle Kwan, who I never liked that much.


JEM said...

I agree about the Michelle Kwan bit. I mean I know she's Asian American, cute as hell, and sooooo typically ABC, that you just gotta love her. Oh yeah, and that "9-time-never-to-be-repeated-again" national championship title thing. But yeah, no. Never liked her. Must be because her image was just too so perfectly Asian American wearing that gold charm thing her grandmother gave her on a red string that she never took off after like 9 years. But c'mon, if she never took it off, how come it always stayed so red and clean????

But I feel bad for her right now not because she won't ever be able to get that Olympic gold. But because she has now decided to join Disney On Ice.... Michelle, could you BE anymore predictable and picture perfect Asian?! Stop, you're giving the rest of us a bad rep.

chanchow said...

Heya Jem.

I don't feel too strongly about the Disney thing, although the image of Michelle doing Mulan is pretty funny. Don't most past-their-prime skating stars do something like that? I've never liked ice skaters generally (the men are especially boring), except for maybe Oksana Baiul, but that was mostly because she had such a sad childhood.

I'm glad Michelle decided not to be a commentator for NBC. I chuckle to think of NBC scrambling to keep her in front of the camera in Torino.