Thursday, March 23, 2006

LA Radio

One of the best things about LA, other than the weather and the food, is the radio stations. To begin with, there are tons of them. I'd say there's one station for every 0.4 frequency on the FM dial. I'd also say that at least a quarter of them are Spanish. But aside from sheer quantity of radio stations, a lot of them are really good. I probably listen to KPCC (out of Pasadena) the most since it has NPR news and Cartalk. For music, I sometimes listen to KCRW (out of Santa Monica), although Nic Harcourt and his Becomes Eclectic programs can get boring after a while.

What really blew me away the other day was a long mix of Prince classics on KBIG. I couldn't believe my ears. It was all Prince for at least a half hour. Everything from Controversy to Raspberry Beret to 7. A Prince compilation on the radio! Who does that? Which reminds me, his Purple Highness released an album recently. I don't know if it's any good, but I assume he'll be going on tour soon. If he plays his old stuff, then I'm definitely there.


hh said...

i think i may have told you this before?? but my friend ellen went to the last prince tour (where he played ALL the old hits), saw two shows and nearly died for him. she was suddenly converted from a casual fan to a possessed and obsessed fanatic...she read everything on him and basically played prince incessantly from then on for a solid month or two. (and she's not an obsessive type person either.) in fact, she thought the little one was SEXY and wanted to be the mother of his children (haha)! she certainly didn't have this desperate desire for him before. and she's not the only one who i've known to have such a reaction to him live. prince is so witchy like that! i totally want to see him play...but only old stuff. um, let's go crazy!

chanchow said...

I saw Prince in concert last time around and he was the end and be all. I didn't get quite as obsessed as your friend, but I definitely came out a much bigger fan. He played a lot of old stuff. There was one part where it was just him, an acoustic guitar and a swiveling bar stool (the stage was at the center of the floor, with the audience surrounding him). He would talk to the fans, stop in the middle of songs, laugh, and start up again. He closed with Purple Rain.

I'd seen Madonna the month before and Prince was a gazillion times better. Madonna's concert was choreographed and planned to the littlest detail. With Prince though, every night is a little different. If he's feeling it, he'll play a few more songs than the night before...

We definitely have to go see him if he plays old stuff. We should check him out in Vegas. That would be the best.