Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Lost Tomorrow

I forgot to ask what you thought about last week's Lost. I couldn't care less about Sun's storyline, but I liked what they did with Henry. Is he or isn't he an Other? I still think he is. We may know after the end of tomorrow night's episode.

Has anyone heard the rumor (fact?) that the producers of Lost have already mapped out six seasons?


hh said...

no, i didn't hear...six seasons?! that would guarantee a high percentage of lame shows ahead if they tried to stretch it out that long. it really should just end after this season. i'm bummed i'm missing it tomorrow night...could be an exciting episode.

chanchow said...

i hope it's just a rumor. or even if it's true, i'd hope the network would pull the plug on the show sooner than that.

if you could decide the direction/conclusion of the show, what would you do?

this is what i'd do (very rough sketch):

have the show end after season three (i would say season two, but they've introduced so many friggin characters that i'd have to do something with them).

back stories to develop:

1. rousseau. flashback to her days at sea and what happened after the shipwreck. (2 episodes)

2. rousseau's daughter (who i presume is that girl who helped claire escape from the dharma lab). flashback to her kidnapping and what's happened since (1 episode).

3. ethan. flashback to how he got on the island.

general storyline:

henry is an Other and sayid, charlie and ana lucia are ambushed by Others while looking for the balloon. they're taken back to the dharma lab. they see ethan again. ana lucia dies (sorry!). sayid and charlie manage to escape with the help of rousseau's daughter. sayid and charlie tell her about rousseau. the girl gives them the scoop on what the dharma project is. she gives them medicines and tonics and agrees to help fight the Others.

michael and walt reemerge from the interior of the island. they both act strangely. everyone welcomes them back, but starts to wonder what happened to them and if they've become "Others." it turns out that they have gone to the dark side, unfortunately, so the survivors lock them up.

ending: Others and survivors manage to somehow co-exist. the dharma project's electrical/computer system terminates for mysterious reasons and there is no other mode of communication with the outside world. as a last ditch effort, some of the survivors (let's say charlie, rousseau, her daughter, sayid and the doctor) build a boat and sail away in search of help.


ivanomartin said...

If you watch the extra features disc from the box set, there are interviews w/ the two creators in which they say that when they first started writing it, it took them like two days to write the first draft of the pilot, and at the end of those two days they had already plotted a story arc that would encompass five seasons.

chanchow said...

Five seasons? That's lame. They're just going to pile on new characters and the island is going to be over populated. Maybe I'll stop watching the show on tv at the end of this season and get the future seasons on DVD.

hh said...

oooh that sounds like a good way to end it....i like that ana lucia dies. do we have to see the creepy asian scientist guy? he give me the heebie jeebies.
anyway, there should be an 80s dance party episode utilizing the hatch record player. hurley djs, sawyer does the worm.

chanchow said...

Creepy Asian guy definitely reappears. He is the evil one who cuts off the power (computer, lights, etc) on the island. Somehow he finds out that the Dharma project has been compromised (e.g., survivors enter the lab and find out about the top secret mission) and, from his luxurious island home in Turks & Caicos (or something like that) the Asian guy cuts off the survivors from the rest of the world...