Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Video Games

I dig video games. I don't play very many, but I manage to get pretty obsessive about the few I come across. I loved Atari when I was in elementary school. I never had it, but I would play whenever I was around one. I liked Ms. Pac Man best. Then there was Rogue in middle school and Tetris in high school. Then there was Mario Kart 64 (above) and Tekken 3 (below). I even put Tekken on one of my resumes as an "Interest." Last year there was Bejeweled on my Treo and now there's the Brick Game on my blackberry. You know you're a (borderline) loser when you start playing games on the devices you get from work.

Mr. Octopus thinks we should get the new Nintendo for me (for him?). Not sure this is a good idea given my obsessive tendencies. I've never had a game system and I'm afraid of what kind of person I'll become if have one. If I can get addicted to stupid crap like the Brick Game at my age, who's to say I'll ever go outside if I have the new Nintendo?

p.s. This is chanchow's 100th post. Hard to believe that I could log 100 posts in four months and hold down a "job."


Anonymous said...

you should download "meteor crusher" for your blackberry. It's better than brick breaker. It's got music, flying meteors, and jems to collect in space. More interactive than brick breaker. I'm addicted.


chanchow said...

JEM: how do i download meteor crusher? is it free?

Anonymous said...

yes, it's free. go to the blackberry webpage link. there should be an option "download games for BB 3.8 or higher." After the "I accept these conditions" screen, you'll see meteor crusher as the first choice. Hope it works!


j harker said...

I totally agree about Meteor Crusher. It's a great game. At one point I was 4th overall on hard. I think I've slipped to 10th now. Need to stay in the top 10. My tag is harkerj. Check it out.

J Harker
BB Pearl addict