Thursday, March 2, 2006

Last Night on Lost

What did we think of last night's episode? Satisfying? Did we like the explanation of what happened to Claire? Do we think that guy is an other? Is Locke going to play into his hands? For me: Yes, Yes, Yes, I really hope not.


mhelbing said...

What did we think? It was a great episode. Here is how I connect the dots:

When Zeke chastises Ethan, he asks, "What am I supposed to tell him?" To me, this questions implies that there is some sort of fearful "overlord" figure to whom Zeke and his crew are beholden.

Flashback to the previous episode: Henry Gale flashes an evil grin at Sayid from within his cell after Sayid stops torturing him.

Back to this week: Mr. Eko offers to Henry Gale a confessional for killing two of the others his first night on the island. Mr. Eko knows there is some menacing, perhaps psychically powerful, overlord on the island. I believe he offers this confessional to Gale in an attempt to determine whether Gale himself is the overlord. Based on Mr. Eko's bravado when leaving Gale, it seems that he doesn't believe Gale is the overlord. That doesn't mean, of course, that he's right...

chanchow said...

Last night was a real gem. Finally, a meaty episode after all the fluff of the last couple months.

I agree that there is some overlord or leader. Could it be Henry Gale? I wouldn't think so because wouldn't the leader just send one of his minions to be the mole?

I wonder if Zeke and Henry are one in the same. Zeke appeared too briefly for me to remember what he looks like, but the fact that Kate found a fake beard and theatrical glue in the locker leads me to think that Zeke has other disguises.

I remember Henry's evil grin. He's a smart one, that guy. And he's not scared either. See how he is beginning to play with Locke's mind. Locke, the zen master, is becoming a tool.

I don't quite get what Mr. Eko was doing. How would Eko know there is an overlord on the island? Perhaps Eko suspects that Henry is an other and wants Henry to know that Eko has turned over a new leaf and, therefore, Henry should be merciful he is ever released.

Then there's the overarching question-- are the others tied to the Dharma project? Ooh, I just had a thought -- maybe that creepy Asian guy in the Dharma film is the leader. Chilling...

Lastly, I can't remember what happened to Ethan. Did someone kill him?

HH said...

wow...i think i missed some key episodes, including the one about the others, so i was kinda er "lost"...(that was the first time i'd seen ethan).

but anyway, what a pant pisser it was!!! i thought i'd have nightmares last night! henry gale is evil...and i hope locke doesn't succumb to his manipulations!

oh and as per usual, i enjoyed the cheekiness of glasses!

mhelbing said...

The name of the mysterious man who created the Dharma Project was, I believe, Alvar Hanso. Someone on a Lost message board I was reading pointed out that the name "Aaron" can be constructed from "Alvar Hanso." Aaron is also the name of Claire's baby...(Is Claire's last name, by any chance, Lvhas?)