Monday, March 20, 2006

Still Swimming

This, I love. An LA Times reporter is doing an experiment to see what can live in the LA River. He's taken two goldfish, named Little Antonio (after Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) and Little Ed (after Councilman Ed Reyes), and put them in an bowl filled with LA River water. The objective: to see how long they will live. It's been 14 days and they're still chuggin.

To see Little Antonio and Little Ed with your own eyes, visit them at the GoldfishCam, and refresh periodically.


hh said...

haha, that's great!
poor fishies...maybe they'll grow an extra eye in the process.

ivanomartin said...

He should put miniature soiled mattresses and shopping carts in the fishbowl just to make the experiment more realistic.